Please come to a day-long workshop hosted by Witness: The Canadian Journal of Critical Nursing Discourse at York University, in informal cooperation with The International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE).

Trends and Issues in Scholarly Publishing:

What Nurse Scholars Need to Know

October 17th, 2019, York University.

Registration is now open for a day-long workshop hosted by Witness: The Canadian Journal of Critical Nursing Discourse at York University, in cooperation with The International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE).

We will be welcoming two nurse editors with expertise in scholarly publishing in Nursing:

Dr. Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN | Editor-in-Chief, CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing | Editor, Nurse Author & Editor, and Author of The Editor’s Handbook (2019) with Dr. Peggy Chinn.

Cindy Peternelj-Taylor, RN, BScN, MSc, PhD(c), DF-LAFN, Professor (University of Saskatchewan Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Forensic Nursing.  

Conversations and Presentations will include:

  • Trends and Issues in Scholarly Publishing – What Nurse Scholars Need to Know
  • Best Practices in Providing Peer Reviews
  • Ethical Issues in Scholarly Publishing –including:
    • Predatory Journals
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Self-Plagiarism
    • Authorship/Guest Authorship/Ghost Authorship
  • Writing for Publication –
    • What Editors are looking for & What Editors Dread J
    • Journal Selection
    • How to respond to Feedback and move forward!
  • The Open Access Movement: A Social Justice Development in Knowledge Dissemination
  • Question and Answer Forum with Dr Nicoll and Professor Peternelj-Taylor

Location: York University, Keele Campus, 2nd Student Centre.

SCHEDULE: The day provides participants with two plenary presentations, a luncheon speaker and four breakout sessions, each offered twice so that all registrants can attend all four sessions. The day will end with a Witness Editorial Board Member-only meeting with Dr. Nicoll and Professor Peternelj-Taylor. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Space is Limited. Deadline to Register October 10th, 2019. But we'd SURE APPRECIATE IT if you'd register now :-) Sorry,  because of catering , noregistration at the door.

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