Call for Papers Volume 4(1) - See it, Speak it, Write it, Change it.


                                 Call for Papers Volume 4(1) - See it, Speak it, Write it, Change it.

Witness readers, editors, reviewers, supporters and contributors form a collective of critical nurses in Canada and beyond who strive to ameliorate inequities in the health and quality of life of all. By virtue of nursing’s privileged societal position, we witness a wide array of inequities that require us to take action. Our tag line represents the ethos of the journal: “See* it .... Speak it .... Write it .... Change it ....

We are pleased, then,  to again draw on our tag line as our inspiration for an open Call for Papers that reflects the ethos and intent of the journal.

Submission examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Nurse Activism- examples, barriers, facilitators
  • Whistle Blowing in Nursing and health care
  • Rebel Nurses then and now
  • Critical Research Methodologies
  • Examples of/Calls for Resistance in Nursing
    • Anti-Oppression Nursing Efforts: Past or Present
  • Policy Advocacy by Nursing
  • Disruptive Innovations in Nursing Research, Practice or Education
  • Critical Pedagogy/Education for Social Change
  • Intersectional Analyses of Health or Quality of Life
  • Critical Analyses of Power in the context of Health, Quality of Life, or Nursing
  • Health (In)Equity
  • Social Justice Nursing
  • Decolonizing Nursing
  • Linguistic Hegemony and Resistance
  • Critical Community Health Nursing
  • Critical Disability lenses and practices in nursing
  • other? - Feel free to contact the editor to discuss a potential piece, and include a proposed abstract

Submissions are to be nurse-authored or if submitted by a team, the lead author must be a nurse. Submission formats may include arts-based knowledge translation, practice-based research-based, or review manuscripts.  First-person narrative is welcomed and encouraged. For author guidelines, please see For any questions including to discuss a proposed submission, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Deadline for Submission through our online portal: January 9th , 2022

Note: Prospective authors must register with the journal in order to submit their work. We ask that you ensure you provide all required information at the time of submission. 


*Rather than imply an ableist bias, “See it…” is intended to incorporate the multiple ways nurses experience/witness injustices.