Children are People Too! - Call for Papers


Call for Papers

2024 Vol 6 (2)

Children are people too!                                                   

Re-imagining Children’s Nursing through a social studies of childhood lens


Guest Editor 

Franco A. Carnevale, RN, PhD (Psych), PhD (Phil) has been a Children’s Nurse for over 45 years. He’s the co-founder and principal investigator of VOICE: The Childhood Ethics Project, an interdisciplinary collaborative committed to advancing knowledge and action relating to childhood ethics. 

Intended Focus of this Special Issue 

The Canadian Journal of Critical Nursing Discourse is pleased to announce a special issue with a particular focus on Children's Nursing and the need to push back on dehumanizing hegemonic discourses and practices. This call for papers is intended to foster scholarship that explores and interrogates age-based developmental orientations that characterize young people as immature or incapable – as human becomings rather than full human beings – building on growing discourses within interdisciplinary studies of childhood (i.e., Childhood Studies). The Childhood Studies literature has advanced understandings of young people as active moral agents with aspirations, concerns, and capacities to participate meaningfully in discussions and decisions regarding research, policymaking and practices that affect them and others that they care about. Yet, very little of these advances have been integrated within the health professions literature in general or within nursing in particular. We are striving to promote scholarship that pushes back on pathology-based discourses in pediatric nursing, calling for childhood-based discourses in Children’s Nursing centered on the experiences and voices of young people as active agents.  


Potential topics (suggestions, but not limited to) 

  1. Re-examining conceptions of best interests and protection within Children’s Nursing 
  2. Critical analyses of nursing practices that impede or bolster young people’s agential expression and meaningful participation in discussions and decisions that interest them 
  3. Understanding childhood as an intersectional dimension: Examining the health and health care-related experiences of racialized young people (e.g., Indigenous children and youth) 
  4. Innovations in the participation of young people in the development of research, policies and practices 
  5. Rethinking pedagogical approaches in Children’s Nursing in entry-to-practice preparation and continuing education 
  6. Issues of consent in children’s health care
  7. Countering developmentalism in Children’s Nursing approaches
  8. Application of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Children’s Nursing Principles and Practices
  9. From Pediatric Nursing to Children’s Nursing – implications, perturbations, considerations
  10. Critical Analyses of Ethics as related to Children and Children’s Nursing
  11. Other ideas? Connect with us to talk about it!


Manuscripts from nurse activists, students, clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators, policy makers/critics and nursing organizations are welcome, including contributions form young people. We especially welcome Indigenous perspectives, the experiences of nurses from many different racial and ethnic backgrounds, and contributions that reflect a critical analysis. Our guest editor will provide an editorial focusing throughout the development of this special issue. 


Guidelines for Authors

Submissions are to be nurse-authored or if submitted by a team, the lead author must be a nurse. Manuscripts should have a clear relevance to nursing. Additionally, Witness requires adherence to our authorship criteria, found at Prospective authors must also familiarize themselves with the author guidelines set out in the journal found here: . Undergraduate student submissions are welcomed, and such submissions are to be supported/mentored by a nursing faculty member, and this must be indicated in the cover letter. 

Firm Submission DeadlineJune 30th, 2024 

                                                                                                                                                                                             Note: All required materials and online entries must be submitted through the journal’s online portal at the journal and the Council on Publication Ethics’ guidelines including those associated with authorship, conflict of interest etc. Please ensure author teams review our webpage. Lastly, prospective authors must register with the journal in order to submit their work. 

For any questions regarding the journal or this call for papers including a desire to discuss a proposed submission not included in the introductory list of possible topics and foci, please don’t hesitate to contact the editor, Dr. Cheryl van Daalen-Smith at 

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