Thank you to Witness' Peer Reviewers


As the year comes to a close, and we enter the Winter Solstice, the Witness Editorial Advisory Board wishes to extend our gratitude to our peer reviewers for the past 5 years. 


Without you, we would not be able to wrap around submitting authors the way we strive to do - in ways that builds capacity and protects dignity. 


Your ardent work at crafting meaningful feedback and direction helps all of us - new or seasoned authors grow in our capacity to critically unpack a myriad of issues that nursing witnesses and wants to impact. 


So thank you Peer Reviewers. You always come through in a pinch, and I know that our authors experience your feedback in the spirit intended: a growth-centred collegial approach to building a community of critical nursing scholars. 


Happy Holidays,

Cheryl and the editorial advisory collective.