Nursing (on) a Sick Planet: Critical Consciousness and Action in a Time of Planetary Decline




critical consciousness, environment, curriculum, climate change, social justice


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Author Biographies

Wanda Martin, University of Saskatchewan

Wanda Martin (RN, Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her work engages systems thinking and the use of novel methodologies addressing public health problems for applied outcomes. Her program of research is on the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focused on health equity, food systems, and climate change. Wanda’s dissertation used situational analysis and concept mapping to look at the way food safety regulations impact food security initiatives from a complexity science perspective.

June Kaminski, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Nursing Curriculum Coordinator, Research Coordinator, Informatics & E-Learning


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Martin, W., & Kaminski, J. (2021). Nursing (on) a Sick Planet: Critical Consciousness and Action in a Time of Planetary Decline. Witness: The Canadian Journal of Critical Nursing Discourse, 3(2), 1–5.